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You're a college student.

You've gotten this far by your own hard work,

but there've probably been times when you really wanted some


Here it is.

Dear College Student,

I've worked with many students over the past years. Almost all have been frustrated with how difficult it is to get good information and guidance.

This site is my attempt to direct you to many valuable online resources, most of which are completely free. The links on this page, along with the links you can follow on the sites listed here, will guide you to over 500 valuable web resources. As always, please evaluate sites critically for yourself.

What kind of help will you find here? These are the main topics and the some concerns within each topic.

  • Study Skills
    • Test taking strategy
    • Test anxiety
    • Note taking
    • Time management
  • Learning Styles
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Learning about your processing strengths and weaknesses
    • Learning strategies to improve your learning
  • Doing Research
    • How to conduct research
    • How to write research papers
  • Getting Tutoring Help
    • Online resources for one on one help
    • Includes math, math anxiety, English and foreign languages, hard sciences, social sciences, etc.
  • Personal Issues
    • Stress/Depression/Anger/Family Problems
    • Eating Disorders
    • Resources for Gender Orientation and Identity Support
    • Resources for Cultural, Ethnic, Religious Support and for International Students
  • Financial Aid
    • Scholarships
    • Loans
  • Career
    • Career Decision/Counseling
    • Career Research
    • What to do after you graduate
  • Resources and Planning for those going on to advanced degrees
    • graduate school
    • law school
    • business school

The greatest obstacle for college students is to need some support but not be able to get it. If you find yourself in that position, here are some suggestions.

  • Set up a support system for yourself
    • Don't try to go it alone. Ask some friends to be your support team. Explain to them what you need. Ask for their suggestions and ask them to follow up with you. You can return the favor some day.
  • Take the initiative
    • There are many people who are interested in helping both at your school and nationally but they rarely have the time to intiate a contact with you. You contact them!
  • Be persistent
    • If you've tried asking a resource person for help and they haven't responded, please realize that these people are often overworked. Get back to them. Ask when they might be able to meet with you. Let them know you need help and have had trouble getting in touch with them. If you feel a little uncomfortable with this, ask your support team or a trusted teacher or advisor to help you.
  • Find out who the advisors and career counselors are at your school.
    • They can't go out of their way to contact you but they will be happy to talk with you if you can find them. They ARE there. You can also make appointments to talk with professors in your department or other departments.
  • Plan in advance
    • Take some planning time before a semester starts to anticipate what kind of help you might need. Consider what you would like to be doing even one and two years into the future and what kind of support you'll need to accomplish those goals.
  • Be creative
    • Don't just get by in your school endeavors. Look for support that will help you get more out of your classwork, that will help you tailor your undergraduate work to your personal needs and interests and that will help you move forward on your career path in a way that is interesting and exciting to you.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the many people who have put together the sites listed and linked to below. These resources are predominantly their work, not mine. They haven't done this for money or even fame. They've gone out of their way to share their information and to help us all out. Thank them if you ever get a chance.

Best wishes to you. If you are ever stuck, please feel free to contact me. Now here are your links.


Jay Cutts

Cutts Graduate Reviews, 144 Sedillo Hill Road, Tijeras, NM 87059 (505) 281-0684

Major Sites
Study Skills
Learning Styles
Tutorial - Math
Tutorial - Language
Financial Aid



Major Sites with multiple links or covering many aspects of college

Study Skills

Learning Styles

How to conduct Research and Write Research Papers

Tutorial Help - General

Tutorial Help - Math and Science

Tutorial Help - Language Resources

Personal Issues

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Career Planning

  • Jane Finkle Jane Finkle is an advisor to US New's online career forum. Ms. Finkle is a founding partner of Career Visions, an innovative career counseling service helping people nationwide find their best career options. Jane has extensive experience both as an advisor at a major univeristy and as a private career coach. (215) 564-5277.

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