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Jane Finkle is an advisor to US New's online career forum.

Ms. Finkle is a founding partner of Career Visions, an innovative career counseling service helping people nationwide find their best career options.

Jane has extensive experience both as an advisor at a major univeristy and as a private career coach.

Your Free Consultation:

By special arrangement, Jane Finkle has offered a brief, free consultation for students referred from Cutts Graduate Reviews. Please follow these guidelines:


  • You do NOT need to be enrolled in any Cutts program.
  • You can call about any career concern, including finding jobs, deciding on a field, pursuing advanced study, etc.
  • Call or email Jane for a free appointment: (215) 564-5277

  • You may want to visit her website first: Career Visions
  • Please try to limit your consultation to about 10 minutes.

Good career planning can help you focus your efforts, make better decisions, be a stronger grad/professional school applicant and make better job connections.

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