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Dear College Student,

I'm an advisor in private practice. I help you find free resources for career exploration and studying, and I specialize in free planning tools for students going into Law, Grad School, Business School and Med School. Everything I'm going to refer you to is free (see details below). You're also welcome to contact me directly with concerns about your school plans. There is no charge. Obviously I can't spend a huge amount of time with every student but I can certainly try to point you in the right direction.

Please note: If you are PreLaw, PreGrad or PreBusiness, I have special LawTrack, GradTrack and MBATrack programs that cover all aspects of your application, including the Personal Statement, plan of attack, a timeline, special strategies to stand out from the crowd and the GRE, LSAT and GMAT. I have a more basic MedTrack program for premed students. See details below. Again, no charge.

If you are NOT going on past your Bachelors, I have the CollegeTrack list for you.

More on LawTrack, GradTrack, MBATrack and MedTrack

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1. For Current Grad Students or terminal Bachelor Students
2. For PreLaw, PreGrad, PreMBA students
3. For PreMed students
4. Special Career/Job Planning Offer.
5. Who is Jay Cutts? Is there really no charge for these services?

1. Current Grad Student? Terminal Bachelors?

I have put some of the Web's most helpful academic resources together onto one site. These include free resources for financial aid, career planning, study skills, learning styles, research, tutoring services for math, language, sciences, and resources for personal and cultural issues. Need career and job advice? Professional career consultant Jane Finkle, advisor to US NEWS online career forum, has kindly offered a free, brief consultation to students I refer. Just mention this site. Check them out.

Also, for additional help and ongoing hints and reminders, please sign up for CollegeTrack. Read more about it here.

2. Pre-Grad? Pre-Law? Pre-MBA?

I specialize in resources for undergraduates going into Law, Business or Grad School. You're welcome to participate in our LawTrack, GradTrack or MBATrack Advising Program. These programs let me share with you some of the most helpful insights of my 14 years of helping pregrad/preprofessional students to succeed. There are no charges or fees. Your resources include:

A free copy of my booklet How to Get Accepted to Grad or Professional School - A Take-Charge Approach.

An ongoing, in-depth series of email tutorials on the LSAT, GRE or GMAT, Personal Statement and admissions process, as well as suggestions for the specific concerns you mention on our web form.

Online tutorials to help you plan and prepare for admissions.

Call or write me for free personal help with any questions about your plans.

The online National PreLaw, PreGrad and PreMBA Community SuperForum, where you can communicate with others in your field around the world, ask questions, share info and get inside tips and support.

Reminders about deadlines for your LSAT, GRE or GMAT preparation and application.

Notices about prelaw/pregrad events at your school..

And a number of other helpful services.

LawTrack, GradTrack and MBATrack have helped literally thousands of students get on track and stay on track without paying a penny. Your welcome to join our national prelaw, pregrad or preMBA community.

Read more about, or join, these Free services:

LawTrack-- Request GradTrack --Request MBATrack -- Request MedTrack

3. For PreMed Students

I don't teach MCAT prep outside of New Mexico but many students have requested some guidance on Med School applications and the MCAT. You can sign up for my MedTrack service and get a free copy of my booklet How to Get Accepted to Med School - A Take-Charge Approach, as well as membership in the National Premed Discussion Forum. In the near future I will set up some email reminders and tutorials for you as well. No cost for all these services.


4. Special Career Planning Help

Need career and job advice? Professional career consultant Jane Finkle, advisor to US NEWS online career forum, has been kind enough to offer a free, brief consultation to students I refer. Just mention this site. Details

5. Who is Jay Cutts? Is there really no charge for these services?

Over 14 years I have helped over 5,000 students get accepted to grad, law or business school. I specialize in preparation for the LSAT, GRE and GMAT exams, in crafting superior Personal Statements and in application strategies that make a student stand out from the crowd. I emphasize individual guidance and work one on one with students around the country and around the world.

By using internet technologies and computer programming, I've developed a system of resources that I can share with you without requiring a lot of my time. It's taken many years to put it together but it allows me to pass info on to you without having to charge anything at all.

My time is paid for by those people who take my fee based GRE, LSAT or GMAT prep tutorials or who hire me for extensive guidance on their Personal Statement or admission plan. If you don't need those services, everything is on the house!

Thank you for your time and best wishes in your career. Feel free to be in touch.


Jay Cutts
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